Car Perfume

Car perfumes are fragrances designed specifically for use in vehicles. They come in a variety of scents and are usually used to eliminate unwanted odors and refresh the air inside the car. Some common types of car perfumes include:

Air fresheners: small, clip-on units that release a pleasant scent into the air through a wick or foam.
Vent sticks: thin, flexible sticks that are inserted into air vents to release a fragrance as air flows over them.
Hanging perfumes: perfumes that come in a decorative bottle and are hung from the rearview mirror or other convenient location.
Spray perfumes: perfumes that come in an aerosol can and can be sprayed directly onto fabric or upholstery.
Car perfumes can be made from natural or synthetic fragrances and are available in a variety of scents, including fresh citrus, floral, and spicy. Some popular brands in this category include LD, and Shaldan.

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