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The ArmorAll Jumbo Sponge is a large sponge that’s ideal for washing all surfaces of your car. Be it bodywork or glass, plastics or bumper, the sponge fits perfectly in your hand and gives your car the perfect shining it deserves.

Make your car sparkle like new with the ArmorAll Jumbo Sponge. This extra large sponge is great for washing all surfaces, including bodywork, glass, plastics and bumpers. The soft, non-abrasive side is perfect for applying detailing cloths and polishes without scratching the finish.

The ArmorAll Jumbo Sponge is easy on the eyes, and its ergonomic shape fits in your hand like a glove. The large sponge is perfect to clean all car surfaces off, from plastic and vinyl to bumpers and grills. This sponge fits well in your hand, which makes it ideal for washing all parts of the car.


Armor All

Armor All Car Care Products

Armor All® began in 1962 when a chemist discovered a ‘miracle formula’ that protected rubber, plastic and vinyl from UV radiation and ozone. Ten years later it became Armor All® Protectant. Since then, Armor All® has gone from strength to strength, creating a wide variety of innovative and premium vehicle care products including air fresheners, disinfectants, restorers and wipes. With over 50 years of innovation, we have worked to make it easy for people to keep their cars clean, fresh, and protected. And as leaders in the industry, we will continue to do this with new technologies and products.

Weight 0.039 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 23 cm


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