Numoto Scuderia is a Lifestyle Ecommerce Company Focusing on selling products and services that cater to the wellness of the Mind, Body, and Machine. A range of products encompassing Activewear and Sports merchandise, to Yoga essentials, to Performance Products for Automotives.

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Mötörhead Design

This design concept steps from the basic utility in ensuring that the apparel is completely safe while operating any kind of machine, including a vehicle.

Safety in terms of fabric choice, cut, and stich of the garment. And at the same time keeping the resulting apparel fashionable and trendy.

Polyester is a fire retardant material that ensures fire safety while operating machines of vehicles. Adding Lycra or Spandex adds to its tensile strength and elasticity ensuring that the garment adheres to the body perfectly without lose ends that might get caught in a moving machine part. High quality stitching and seamless technology ensures minimal wear and tear of the apparel while saving the person cuts and bruises.

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Run by a handful of IIM alumni, Numoto is working hard to keep costs low so that the benefits can be passed on to the consumer.

Numoto is authorized Dealer/Distributor of Brands Garware HiTec Films, Turtle Wax, Bergmann, Formula 1, Liqui Moly, Motul, LD, STP, Armor All, Waxpol, and more. All copyrights are owned by respective brands.