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Increasing Fuel Efficiency of Vehicles


Numoto’s singular objective is to keep every vehicle roadworthy and safe, and giving every engine a second life, Zweites Leben. We aim at reducing vehicle emissions and drastically improve fuel efficiencies, thereby contributing to a pollution free world.

Sophisticated German Technology converts water into pure hydrogen which burns and dissolves stubborn carbon deposits in engines and other parts. This drastically improves engine performance by reducing knocking, increases fuel efficiency, and improves pick up. As a result, the engine reduces toxic emissions, making your environment cleaner and healthy.

When vehicles are maintained from the very beginning, procedures like HHO decarbonization can be delayed. Proper care of vehicles engine using fuel additives from Liqui Moly and STP, Engine Oils and Lubricants from Motul, Castrol, and others, can help with reducing friction in the engine parts, reduce carbon deposits, and increase fuel efficiency.

Some additives from Liqui Moly and STP can also assist vehicles that were not cared from the beginning. Products like Diesel Purge, Injector Cleaner, Oil Additive, can surely improve vehicle performance.

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