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Audi Cary service department recommends engine decarbonization—every 30,000 KM

Decarbonize Engine with Multiple Benefits

Keeping your vehicle well maintained not only gives you peace of mind, but also increases the life of your vehicle. A small investment gives you multifold returns within 6 months only.

The hydrogen fuel’s higher burn temperature and force literally strip away the carbon deposits that collect not only in the engine, but throughout all parts of the exhaust system including catalytic converters and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). This causes a reduction of soot, unblocking a DPF, unstick of a turbo. It is the cleanest source of energy because it does not involve carbon-based fuels.

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Performance Improvement


Reduce Repair Costs


Reduce Emission


Improve Fuel Efficiency

Numoto’s singular objective is to keep every vehicle roadworthy and safe, and giving every engine a second life, Zweites Leben. We aim at reducing vehicle emissions and drastically improve fuel efficiencies, thereby contributing to a pollution free world.


Engine Decarbonization

As a result of time and neglect, deposits build up within the engine that creates obstructions within the internal parts of the engine. The obstructions can, at the least, increase fuel consumption and poor emissions; and at worst these obstructions can cause complete engine failure often requiring costly repairs and engine overhaul.

Sophisticated German Technology converts water into pure hydrogen which burns and dissolves stubborn carbon deposits in engines and other parts. This drastically improves engine performace by reducing knocking, increases fuel efficiency, and improves pick up. As a result the engine reduces toxic emissions, making your environment cleaner and healthy.

Usually cars with heavy carbon deposits show knocking, and an increase in compression pressure; a drastic drop in mileage and power/ pick-up are also signs of carbon deposits in your car.

The first decarbonization treatment for the car should be done at 30,000 kms. Numoto's advanced technology doesn't use any chemical and costs 1/20th the expense of an engine overhaul and manual carbon cleaning. It is 100% safe and guarantees an increase in fuel economy by 25%. It is recommended to couple this service with fuel injector cleaning and get an assured 35% improvement in fuel consumption.

Numoto cleans the engine inside out, It decarbonizes all the important components, cleaning the O2 sensor as well as the catalytic convertor, removes carbon deposits on the cylinder head, and on the pistons to ensure better functioning of the engine.


Save on your fuel expenses by 25%, increase your vehicle performance by 78%, reduce carbon and smoke emission by 67%

Numoto takes as little as 30 minutes (60 minutes for Trucks and Bus), to remove carbon deposits and pollutants, resulting in a more comfortable, economical, and more friendly vehicle.

Numoto splits water into its base parts: hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis; and by using a pipe the Hydroxy gas is inserted into the engine air intake. The machine is charged with electricity so that a small chemical reaction occurs and splits the water into two water-based molecules. These would then be added to the engine via the Intake Valve.

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Engine Decarbonization Carbon Cleaning, OBD2 Diagnostics, Fuel Injector Cleaning, Spark Plug Cleaning, Battery and Electricals Diagnostics, all at your doorstep within 30 mins.

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Clear all your doubts regarding different aspects of vehicle maintenance. Knowledge repels rumours.

Car Engine Decarbonizing and Carbon Cleaning

1Why We Need Engine Decarbonization Service
At some you may have been offered an engine decarbonization service while having your oil changed or during a routine repair. Here we unpack what an engine decarbonization service is, whether or not it’s appropriate for your vehicle and what products we at Numoto Scuderia recommend to keep your engine running as smoothly as possible. Petrol and diesel engines will over time develop carbon deposits within the cylinder walls, cylinder heads, pistons, around exhaust valves, and on the intake and exhaust manifold as a result of the low quality fuels, driving patterns and improper combustion. With this build up you may see valves not closing all the way, exhaust sensors malfunctioning and engine misfire from spark plugs fouling.
2Why does Carbon Build Up in the Engine Over Time
In time, you may experience noticeable engine loss of power and lower fuel efficiency. For engines with carburetors, this loss of power and lowered fuel efficiency may lead to black soot deposits accumulating in the exhaust pipe. This service is a preventable operation typically done at around 50k miles when little carbon residue has built up. Engine decarbonization for vehicles with fuel injectors can be either chemical or physical.
3What is an Engine Decarbonization Service
A Hydrogen Engine Decarbonizing machine allows you to decarbonize the petrol or diesel inside of your vehicle, which removes a number of carbon and other deposits from the engine, which results you get the following benefits:  -Quieter Engine -More Responsive -Less Vibrations -Restored fitness -Greater safety features for drivers. -Smoother Engine -Increased Torque And Feels Lighter Proven safe: -Environmentally Safe - No chemicals or additives -Environmental Technology -Won't Void Your Vehicle Warranty Don't dismantle any engine parts To help people clear the accumulated carbon in their engine, new Hydrogen Decarbonizing services are now available in your city. 
4What are the Types of Decarbonization?
If the cause of global warming is due entirely to human activities, there is no use in changing the habits of people and changing engines. However most of the causes of human activities are due to physical factors. Because our atmosphere is already overloaded with carbon dioxide emitted by human activities, we cannot simply change it by chemicals. The best solution is to change the chemical composition of the gas and remove as much of the carbon that is emitted by human activities as possible through some mechanical means. In the mechanical removal of carbon dioxide, the vehicle’s engine needs to be mechanically decarboxylated. If carbon deposits are formed during the removal of carbon dioxide on the engine, it has
5What are the The Benefits of Decarbonizing?
You can clear your engine of carbon buildup by cleaning it up at regular service intervals. When someone is talking about engine decarbonization, usually they are speaking about your engine being as efficient as possible, meaning being able to use less fuel to produce more power. Carbon build up on your injectors can clog your injectors, but it also results in a clogged fuel spray when it combusts. Cleaning carbon out of your injectors isn’t only a matter of removing the carbon but it also requires having the timing correct and the spray of fuel working as well as possible. When fuel injectors are clogged or not working, more fuel has to be sprayed to produce the same amount of power. If your engine doesn’t work as well as it could when its timing is correct, but you have to use too much fuel