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Vendor: Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation 10W-40 4L

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Barcode: 4100420202285
Product Type: Simple
SKU: 8538
Tags: Performance, Preventive
Weight: 0.0 kg
Vendor: Liqui Moly

Best for modern gasoline and passenger vehicle diesel engines with and without exhaust-gas turbochargers. For the protection and value conservation of the engine during long intervals between oil changes and when there are extreme engine requirements.

High-performance, low-friction engine oil for year-round use. The combination of unconventional base oils and advanced additive technology as well as the special Molygen additive ensures that the motor oil is of low viscosity with a high shear stability and reliably prevents the formation of deposits, significantly reducing frictional losses in the engine and providing the optimum protection from wear. The results are savings in fuel and an extended service life for the engine.

The operating instructions of the vehicle and engine manufacturers must be followed. Can be mixed with all commercially-available motor oils. Optimum effect obtained only when used on its own (i.e. no mixing).

Recommended for

Japanese Cars like Toyota. 10W-40 is better for high temperatures and older engines.

Vehicle Recommendation

This Engine Oil Grade is suitable for Mercedes C Class, Mercedes GLA, Mercedes GLC, BMW 5 Series.

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