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Vendor: STP

STP Diesel Treatment Additive

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Product Type: Simple
Tags: Additive, Diesel, Performance
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Vendor: STP

STP Diesel Treatment is the most advanced diesel cleaning product available. It helps to keep fuel systems clean and runs better, longer. STP cleans dirty injectors and prevents build up, saving fuel and reducing emissions. You'll feel more power and save time at the pump - for a cleaner engine with better performance, choose STP Diesel Treatment.

STP Diesel Treatment is designed to help reduce fuel consumption by keeping the fuel intake system clean of harmful deposits, reduce emissions and smoke. STP® Diesel Treatment also contains a cetane improver for a smoother start in the winter.

Keep your engine running smoother, longer—and save gas in the process. STP Diesel Treatment cleans out dirt and debris from fuel system components to help maintain optimum performance. It also helps prevent deposit build-up which can lead to costly repairs later. That's why we recommend using STP Diesel Treatment every time you fill up your tank.


Simply add entire bottle into a full tank (treats 50-60L), every 1,250 miles / 2,000kms

Usage Frequency: Use every 1,250 miles / 2,000kms

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