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Vendor: Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Wax & Dry Spray 754ML

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Barcode: 074660010099
Product Type: Simple
SKU: 50420
Tags: Car Polish, Maintenance
Weight: 0.25 kg
Vendor: Turtle Wax

This #1 selling, Quick & Easy Wax & Dry spray car wax saves you time and effort to make car care just that: quick and easy.

Skip an entire step in your wash and wax routine by spraying this powerful product onto wet surfaces to speed up dry time while leaving a layer of smooth, glossy car wax on your car exterior. Simple, spray-on solution does most of the work, giving you more time to enjoy your car’s fast and flawless finish. It’s a win-win!

  • Combines two steps in your wash and wax routine to save you time and money maintaining your car
  • Advanced drying agents repel water from wet surfaces to cut back on drying time
  • Minute Wax Shine technology adds a layer of instant shine and protection
  • One-step, spray-and-wipe solution makes it easy for anyone to achieve a spotless car detail

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