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Vendor: Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Finish Liquid Wax Car Polish 473ml

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Barcode: 074660031230
Product Type: Simple
SKU: 50132
Tags: Car Polish, Maintenance
Weight: 0.25 kg
Vendor: Turtle Wax

This hard shell liquid wax is the product that started it all, helping grow Turtle Wax into the iconic brand it is today when it became the first liquid polish and wax to launch successfully in the United States.

This classic cleaner car wax removes light swirl marks and residue while adding months of protection and shine to your vehicle, as well as any nonporous in-home surface. Rub this product into your grill for a deep, metallic shine, or use it to wipe down your kitchen countertops for an extra glossy, marble finish.

  • Essential one-step car care solution for a clean, shiny finish
  • Hard Shell Finish provides up to 12 months of protection from light scratches and swirls
  • Safe to use on nonporous home surfaces, including synthetic marble countertops, appliances, chrome faucets and shower doors.

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